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iHeater Infrared Portable Heater

The New Advanced iHeater Infrared Portable Heater can cut your heating bill in Half - Now, you can have your very own for Half the Price!


If you are looking for the best space heater you can find, the iHeater is for you!  The iHeater is a technologically advanced infrared heating system that will save you hundreds of dollars off your standard heating bill.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy an iHeater portable infrared heating system:

  • Energy Efficient--reduces electric bill by using less energy (more efficient by heating more space with less energy) 
  • The heat stays closer to the floor, thus not wasting it near the ceiling as traditional portable heaters do
  • Easy to install (Just plug it in!)
  • Does not take the humidity out of the air while heating it like most electric heaters do
  • Keeps your floors warmer
  • No furnace filters are needed to keep your air clean (built in lifetime air filter, easy to remove and wipe clean)
  • Rated safe by insurance companies
  • No bulbs to replace!

Energy Efficient:  The iHeater Infrared Heating system uses up to 50% less energy than most regular electric heaters or furnaces as proven when tested against conventional furnaces and heating systems.  If you were to do some calculations, you would find that the iHeater would heat more efficiently than a heat pump and, with rising costs of fuel and electricity; this is another way you can save money!

The Heat stays closer to the floor thus not wasting it near the Ceiling:  Most modern day heating systems are designed to distribute the heat from the ceiling.  Traditional heaters heat air to the burning point, drying the air and wasting heat. The unique design of the iHeater Infrared Heating System uses the moisture in the air to transfer the heat, preventing the heat from being wasted and the air from becoming dry.   

Easy to Install: Installing the iHeater Infrared Heating System is a breeze.  No special plugs or wiring needed.  No expensive duct work needed, either.  Just plug it in to a regular 110V wall outlet.  The iHeater uses only 12.5 amps, which is about the same amount as a hair dryer or a blender.

Does not take the humidity out of the air:  Have you ever noticed with a conventional heating system how on a cold day, water condenses on the windows?  With the iHeater Infrared Heating System, this will not happen.  Traditional portable heaters heat air to the burning point, which removes moisture; the iHeater Infrared Heating System actually helps keep humidity levels at a desirable level. Our unique technology of infrared heating uses the humidity on the air to distribute heat into other area of your house. 

Keeps your floors Warmer: State-of-the-art technology used in the iHeater Infrared Heating System prevents you from experiencing extreme temperature differences between floor and ceiling like you would with conventional heating systems.  In fact, there is no more than a 2 degrees Fahrenheit difference.

No furnace filters are needed to keep your air clean:  Because the iHeater infrared heating system does not heat air to the burning point, the only purpose of its filter is to remove the solid particles, dust, and smoke that are already in the air.  Our unique filter can be easily removed without using tools and rinsed in minutes.  The iHeater comes with a lifetime filter, eliminating the hassle of expensive disposable ones.

Rated safe by insurance companies:  The iHeater has been given the highest possible safety rating, which means lower insurance costs and a savings as well.  Tests have proven this unit to be safe around pets and children.   The iHeater does not heat to a fire-starting temperature, but  still has its infrared heating element within a second chamber for added safety.  This “box within a box” effect prevents the outer case from getting hot.  Therefore no worries of burns or fires!

No Bulbs to replace:  Other infrared heating systems heat with bulbs that can break and cost money to replace.  Simply knocking the unit over could break a bulb.   NONE of our models have bulbs.  iHeaters use a bulb-free infrared heating technology that can withstand normal abuse.  As an added feature, there is an automatic shut-off if the unit is knocked onto its side!






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